You don’t have to empty your bank account to have great food. Here are some of our fav pics for cheap and tasty eats in Vancouver. 

Bon’s off Broadway

If you’re new to the city and on a budget, you can’t go wrong by checking out Bon’s off Broadway. Bon’s offers an unbeatable $2.95 all day breakfast deal where you receive a generous portion of 2 eggs, hash browns, toast and ham! While it’s not the most visually appealing establishment, it for sure has character.


Budgie’s Burritos

Looking for some cheap, filling, vegetarian burritos? Budgie’s Burritos is the place to be! With 10 to 12 inch burritos ranging from $7 to $9 you don’t want to miss out on, budgies offers really big portions with fresh ingredients everyday at a super reasonable price.


Sushi Dragon

Are you stuck on choosing where to get lunch from with all the different sushi options around the city? Check out Sushi Dragon, a hidden gem off of West Broadway that offers super cheap sushi deals without sacrificing the quality! With sushi combos starting at just $5.95 for 16 pieces, you really can’t go wrong when on a budget!


Duffins Donuts

Looking for a late night snack in Vancouver but everything’s closed? Check out Duffin’s Donuts! Being one of the few establishments in Vancouver that’s open 24hours a day, it’s also one of the most memorable. With burgers starting at $4.19 and donuts at $1.19, it’s a great place to visit on a budget!


Gyoza Bar

Off of West Pender St. lies Gyoza Bar, a rustic, yet modern looking establishment a couple streets up from Gastown. While looking for a quick cheap fix within the hours of 3-6pm check out their happy hour menu that offers a beer and serving of your choice of gyoza for only $10! Not only that, but they also offer $4.5 highballs during happy hour. If you’re looking for a great place with a welcoming and colourful atmosphere, Gyoza bar is the place to be!



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