You don’t have to empty your bank account to have great food. Here are some of our fav pics for cheap and tasty eats in Vancouver. 

Lucy’s Eastside Diner

How could you go wrong with an affordable 24 hour all-day breakfast? Lucy’s Eastside Diner gives you familiar comfort foods with a unique splash of unexpected flavours. Their menu offers a wide variety of signature breakfast items, as well as burgers, veggie options and their infamous milkshakes! With lunch prices ranging from a $8.50 Classic Grilled Cheese to a $14.50 Everyday All Day Burger Combo, they’re an ideal place for an affordable lunch in Vancouver’s colourful east-side neighbourhood!



Looking to spice up your lunch without breaking the bank? Dine in Paramount Fine Foods off Robson and fill your cravings with $7.99 gourmet oven baked middle eastern style pizzas. Not only is the food fresh, oven baked and super filling at an affordable price, the location itself is beautiful. With high ceilings and beautiful chandeliers, you’ll feel like your dining in luxury while paying a fraction of the price



Hidden behind Harbour centre on West Hastings lies Pholicious, a quaint vietnamese restaurant with a small, yet charming, storefront. Pholicious offers a wide variety of classic vietnamese food such as pho, subs and spring rolls! Not only is it super affordable, the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. With spring rolls starting at $3.50, a bowl of pho at $7.50, and subs from $4.75, you really can’t go wrong!


The Warehouse

On a tight budget and looking for a cheap fix for dinner before heading out to a concert downtown? With a menu consisting of burgers, wraps, wings, and everything else at $5.95, the warehouse is the place to be. The price isn’t the only attractive thing here either, at first glance, this establishment gives off a charming early 90’s vibe with a grunge, rustic aesthetic to it. Affordable AND Instagram worthy? What more could you ask for!


Meat and Bread

Craving a sandwich and overwhelmed with all the options downtown? With delicious gourmet sandwiches ranging from an $8 Grilled Cheese to a $12 Beef Cheesesteak sandwich, you can’t go wrong with Meat and Bread. Who can forget their delicious signature porchetta that’s only $10? Not only are their sandwiches to die for, their locations are all placed in extremely convenient locations around Vancouver!



Do you have dietary restrictions that seem to always get in the way of getting your fix of affordable fast food? Look no further, Smak offers super affordable breakfast and lunch options that are not only cheap but also incredibly healthy. With breakfast sandwiches starting at $7.35 and hot veggie bowls at $9.85, you can’t go wrong. On top of that, they also offer a wide variety of smoothies, fair trade coffee and iced drinks at an affordable price ranging from $2.00 to $8.50.


Sal y Limon

Looking for a good authentic mexican cuisine in Vancouver? Sal y Limon offers unbeatable prices starting off with $2.60 tacos, $7.00 quesadillas and $9.05 burritos! They also offer affordable gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options for those who have dietary restrictions. Overall, a very vibrant and high energy place for lunch located in Vancouver’s diverse and colourful eastside neighbourhood.


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