Instagram Tips for Realtors

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Social media has become an imperative tool for acquiring new clients, as well as closing deals across the real estate industry. With around 77% of realtors using social media to promote themselves, many consider it the best way to gather the highest quality leads when compared to other sources.

Instagram is one of the most user-friendly platforms people tend to lean towards when wanting to start promoting their business online. While the setup is simple, the tricky part is catching your audience’s eye and keeping them consistently engaged.

To keep your audience engaged, posting consistently and following an aesthetic that represents you and your brand is essential. This will not only make your feed look captivating to look at, but it will also make it stand out to clients. 

Struggling to figure out what kind of content to post? Pictures of stylish and modern properties are some of the most popular types of content on Instagram. It’s also critical to have a diverse content calendar that’s not purely sales-focused as this is your opportunity to show your clients that sales are not your only priority. Try to include client testimonials to highlight and connect with current clients. This will not only ease your way into their network but also boost your impressions. 

Now that you have your content, captions are the next step to keeping your audience engaged. Start by curating copy that “sells” the property and don’t forget to also include contact details to start collecting potential clientele. By creating interactive content, it encourages likes, comments, and shares which are imperative in order to make your visuals stand out on your audiences feed. 

The first 10 minutes of an Instagram post are the most imperative in order for it to not be drowned out by the algorithms in place. Therefore, it’s important to run a business account which will give you the tools to tell you the peak times to post. By scheduling your posts at peak times, it will ensure the most engagement.

Another great tool to take advantage of is Instagram Stories, which makes you easily accessible to your audience. With stories, you can provide quick and personalized property showings on the go to keep your audience up to date with the latest homes on the market!

By following these tips, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of Instagram’s many tools to make sure your content stands out. Make sure to stay tuned to our blogs for more social media tips for real estate agents!