Improving the Buying Process for Your Clients

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Buying a new home can seem daunting and overwhelming for buyers. As a Real Estate Agent, it is your responsibility to guide your clients through what they perceive to be an exciting and life-changing experience. The following insights can help you make sure you offer the best experience possible for your clients.

Knowledge is powerEnsuring you educate yourself about your clients’ needs, their budget, their current and potential neighborhoods, and what are the best suitable options for them, will lead to an efficient process and an added informed decision. Informing yourself about a potential neighborhood includes details encompassing transit accessibility, school rankings, entertainment, and comparable price points on the market. 

Options, options, options. It’s common for buyers not to have a clear idea of exactly what they are looking for. As their agent, you have the opportunity to expand their horizons and increase their number of options. Guiding them through meaningful discussions, and asking lots of questions can bring up some things your client may not have considered. This will also allow a deeper understanding of your clients’ lifestyle and goals, so you can easily narrow down these options and guide them in the appropriate direction. 

Communicate clearly and listen. It’s important that you don’t overwhelm your client by talking too much or cutting them off. Maintain a professional image by listening to what your client has to say, think about your responses, and then communicate thoughtfully and directly. Pay attention to the details. Read your client and approach the situation accordingly. Determine their preferred method of communication to maintain conversation following face-to-face interactions. This will prevent the buyer from feeling pressured or ignored. 

Time is valuable. Determine the time frame in the initial stage of the process, relieving stress for you and your buyers and ensuring their goals are met. However, it’s also important to allow your buyers to take the time that they need to consider such a large purchase. If the process is time-sensitive, allow your buyers time to think and don’t rush them, but send small reminders in order to remain on track and meet their deadline. 

Keep their best interests in mind. Buying a new home is likely the largest purchase your client will ever make. Gain their trust by validating your dedication to their goals and outcomes. Buyers will value your time and service for assisting them through the process. Furthermore, eliminate any surprises by informing them of all the costs involved. There are many additional expenses to account for including lawyer fees, property taxes, appraisal and inspection costs. Additionally, ensure that the sum of these expenses don’t exceed your clients’ budgets, causing their dream home to be no longer attainable. 

Stay tech-savvy. Demonstrating your use of the latest technologies will help your client understand your ability to communicate effectively, stay organized, and efficiently complete tasks. Buyers tend to prefer agents who have a website and social media platform. This also typically highlights the inclination to communicate over text and email, and schedule appointments through digital platforms. With the REBCA app, you can schedule showings that include digital feature sheets all from one easy to use platform.