showings (1)

Pull up multiple properties, assign the confirmed showing times and easily send it off to your clients. With our Easy Buyer Access, your clients can access their scheduled showings in just one click.  For agents, our in-app agenda view shows your upcoming scheduled appointments for all your buyers, allowing you to better manage your busy days. Each scheduled property showing includes the digital feature sheet, client contact details, and one-click navigation function.

Digital Feature Sheets


Ditch all that wasteful printing with our digital feature sheets. With MLS integration, easily look up properties and attach them to a client’s scheduled showings for easy access. No more logging on to multiple listing sources to pull together properties for your clients. During a showing, access the property’s full digital feature list where you can add comments or additional photos for your records.

Tour Reports

tourreports (1)

Always be on the same page with your clients about their property preferences. After your tours, send a comprehensive summary of all feedback and comments to your clients in minutes. This allows them to compare properties easily and effectively.

Mileage Tracking


Our in-app mileage tracking takes the guess-work out of recording your travel miles. Just make sure you enter all your showings on the app and it will automatically track the distance for you using Google Maps. When you are ready, simply run the milage report for any length of time you need.

Easy Buyer Access


Take full advantage of all of our features without requiring your clients to download or sign up for anything. Our simple buyer’s portal allows you to send them secured, dedicated links where they can access scheduled tours and home showing reports.